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Design: (verb)
to create, construct and execute according to plan

Event design is a construction of all of the visual elements at an event. When all of the visuals create a cohesive plan, it becomes an experience!

Specializing in event design that is cohesive in a modern and organic palette. 

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a marriage more beautiful than your wedding



"It is my utmost pleasure to get to write this review. I cannot recommend Laura and her team enough. She gained my trust during our very first phone call, and it was because of her sincere nature. From this phone call forward, there wasn't a moment that I didn't feel valued, heard, or cared for by her and the rest of her team. To her, I wasn't just another client and this wasn't just another wedding. She saw me as an individual and she didn't lose sight of the fact that this is my only wedding. With this, she got to know me and my fiancé, she took time to learn what our values were, and what mattered most to us on our day, and then she made it happen. She sat with me, and dreamed with me, she supported me during the ups and downs. She helped me set healthy expectations for our wedding day, and created success for our wedding day."

"I cannot recommend Laura and her team enough!"

Paulina & Nate

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“If you want a big badass wedding, go with Mayfield Events! If you want a small intimate wedding, go with Mayfield Events! Basically, if you want the wedding of your dreams, go with Mayfield Events! Laura and her team went above and beyond at our wedding last weekend and exceeded our expectations by FAR! Did I mention that the flowers they did were INSANE?! Hiring Mayfield Events to plan our wedding was the smartest thing I could’ve done. They made everything so easy! Not only is Laura a great wedding planner, she’s also a great therapist (she listens and gives good advice), she’s a great problem solver (she comes up with other options/solutions when you’ve been thrown a curveball), Laura is a sweet and genuine person that I am lucky to call my friend. Now if somebody could tell me what to now that our wedding is over because I’m having serious withdrawals!”

"If you want the wedding of your dreams, go with Mayfield Events!"

Katelyn & Tyler

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I can’t recommend Mayfield Events enough. I am serious she basically saved my life the week of our wedding. She is so sweet, flexible, and amazingly talented!! Our wedding wouldn’t have been what it was without her & her crew. She is so kind and giving— she booked me even though it was her and her husbands anniversary. She always answers emails promptly and she is willing to listen. She truly understands and builds a connection with all of her clients and I’m blessed to have had her the day of my wedding. Don’t be hesitant to reach out to her if you have any questions. We didn’t have a big budget, but booking Mayfield Events was the BEST investment we could’ve made for our wedding and I’d make the same decision again if I could. Laura, if you’re reading this... WE LOVE YOU!!!

"Booking Mayfield Events was the BEST investment we could’ve made for our wedding."

Bailey & Tyler

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the wedding experience



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